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9 - Kevin's Back!

Kevin is back! After a multi-month haitus, Kevin comes back and recaps what's been keeping him away from the podcast, what he's working on now, and his plans for this podcast in the future. There's going to be some changes for the future, so take a listen!

Episode 8 - Val and Kevin's first chat!

Today, Val from the Bootstrapping SaaS podcast comes on the show to talk about his product, Claritask, as well as a range of topics. We dig deeper into where CoderNotes.io is at, and the current struggles. Kevin teases a new product he's been exploring. That and so much more in this extended episode!

7 - New Format and Launch Updates!

I'm back! A quick discussion about why there was a break in the podcast, where things stand for CoderNotes.io, and a conversation on side dishes, entrees, and pre-sales. All in a brand new format!

6 - How to create a product that sells

A lot of founders have talked about coronavirus. This podcast purposefully ignores it. If you want a break, come on in. Kevin gives a recap on what's been going on over the past two weeks in the business - including an official announcement regarding the beta! Today's though of the day is on the concept of 'pull', and why IndieHackers should be creating a business that has it.

A Conversation With a Non-Founder

Today I'm joined by a guest to talk about mental health and the differences between founders and non-founders. We talk about some very personal subjects, such as how I can get stuck on my phone and not be present anymore, and how CoderNotes might struggle to compete in the marketplace. This episode is a great one, you'll definitely want to check it out!

How "Jobs to be Done" Has Transformed CoderNotes

"Jobs to be Done", a framework that explains why people buy products, has completely transformed Kevin's ideas for CoderNotes over the past week. Additionally, he's identified a new competitor... one with millions of dollars in VC funding. Check out how Kevin plans to beat them in this brand new episode!

Am I building something that people want?

Today, Kevin talks about how the Alpha is going, as well as offers some thoughts on whether or not people will buy CoderNotes. Lots of ups and downs in this episode! Links from the podcast: A Day With CoderNotes (Blog Post): https://codernotes.io/blog/a-day-with-coder-notes Tailwind UI: https://tailwindui.com/ If you're interested in the beta, sign up at https://codernotes.io/signup

Kevin explains his new product!

In this episode, Kevin explains what CoderNotes is, as well as provides an update on how development is going. Links: https://codernotes.io - The marketing page for CoderNotes, where you can sign up for the beta.

Intro and Recap

An introduction to the show - what this will be about and what format the show will take. I then proceed to completely ignore that format. https://codingcourseproblem.landen.co/ Music: Airship Serenity by Kevin Macleod

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