6 - How to create a product that sells

A lot of founders have talked about coronavirus. This podcast purposefully ignores it. If you want a break, come on in. Kevin gives a recap on what's been going on over the past two weeks in the business - including an official announcement regarding the beta! Today's though of the day is on the concept of 'pull', and why IndieHackers should be creating a business that has it.

Links from the show:
* The Three Reasons People Buy - https://www.kevinconti.com/why-didn-t-you-buy-my-product/
* Arvid Kahl's podcast (a must-listen!) - https://thebootstrappedfounder.com/
* The twitter post from Arvid - https://twitter.com/Kev_Conti/status/1243628554153349120

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